Azzi Glasser has been a rebel in the traditional fragrance industry for over 25yrs. Her unique creative approach to fragrance has enabled her to develop a bespoke fragrance business with an enviable iconic client list, resulting in winning 6 FiFi awards. Azzi’s clients include Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Cindy Crawford, Kylie, Orlando Bloom, Adam Lambert, Stephen Fry and Jude Law.

What makes being in bed with Azzi pleasurable?

Depends who you're asking ha ha…. No, but seriously - look good, feel good and smell divine - the pleasure is all there if you feel it.

How do you make yourself feel most sensual in bed?

My sensual ritual is to have a hot bath with lots of drops of my perfumed Amber Molecule oil, surrounded by my sensual Fever 54 candles burning, wearing the sexiest of night wear and right now I am in love with the silk Alöe Classic PJ’s. They feel super sexy on my skin, and are perfect finished with my bed scent Amber Molecule. Works every time...

If you could pair one Perfumer’s Story scent with your Alöe silk pyjamas, which would you choose and why?

I am torn between the wildness of S&X and the comfort of Amber Molecule. Both are perfect to wear in bed. Depends on the occasion... Inspired by the smell of two bodies making love, Rankin and I created S&X. It really is sex trapped in the bottle. It opens with fresh magnolia, leather and jasmine, blending to citrus bergamot with base notes of musks, white musks and wood. Amber Molecule is one of Kaia Gerber's favourites. Its amber vanilla notes make it yummy, it evokes nudes, soft glistening sheer tones. I love to wear it in bed paired with my sensual silky pyjamas. Or sometimes - as I said, depending on the occasion - with nothing else!

Alöe is the trend setter for pyjamas to be worn out on the town - where will you be wearing yours?

Anywhere the night will take me. The loungewear look is a staple trend this season and I think you can easily dress it up with sexy high heels and faux fur to create a glamourous and chic look. Don't forget a spritz of Fever 54 as the perfect finishing touch. This silky set is perfect in and out of lockdown - in the city with heels, at home or on a beach bare foot.

What helps to make you feel sexy & confident around the house in lockdown?

I wear one of my fragrances . It all depends on my mood. Some of them are composed of some glorious molecules and their scent can transport you to a happy, confident, revitalising or relaxing place. These days I love my perfume oils. I use two or three drops while having a bath. Have you ever tried them? Lush!

How has 2020 helped you to strip back and reflect on life?

I had some time to focus on myself but also to appreciate what I have - my family, my team I work with on a daily basis and my lovely friends. Sadly people have lost their jobs, family members and loved ones too. We, as a family and a business somehow managed to survive and we grew, supported by our loyal clients. All I wanted was to make it through and we've made it. Physically and mentally. And I am not expecting anything more or less from 2020. Life is certainly full of surprises, but most of this year was unexpected, a year where decisions have had to be made quickly. I’m glad to see the back of 2020 and I hope that  everyone’s wish comes true for 2021.

Thank you for talking to us Azzi, and for giving us some great insight into how you made it through 2020! You can follow Azzi and her scent story on Instagram @theperfumersstory.

Merry Christmas and a happy (and healthy) New Year everybody!

Love from the girls at Alöe x



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