CLAIRE: How would you describe yourself professionally?

DAVINA: I am a writer, director and erstwhile model! 

CLAIRE: Would you say your sense of style was moulded from a young age?

DAVINA: I come from a family involved in the arts. My grandfather was a film producer in Hollywood’s Golden era so my earliest creative memories revolve around being a tiny extra on set (which usually involved hours and hours of waiting around on crowded streets) but the adrenaline and excitement of being part of the creative process and something coming alive, as well as having the likes of Vanessa Redgrave giving me advice at the time, has never left me since. I think it’s also where I got my first ideas on glamour, style and fashion – which still inform my aesthetic today. 

CLAIRE: Are you a trend follower or a trend setter?

DAVINA: I don’t care so much for trends but for a way and style, most importantly for what suits and works for yourself and your own body shape. I think that’s why I instantly had such an affinity with your designs – the vintage touch, the simplicity, the elegance, the chance to bring a sophisticated sex appeal to the pieces, depending on how you wear them

CLAIRE: Who is the most stylish person you have ever seen?

DAVINA: I am not sure there is really one 'most stylish person' I have seen. 'Stylish' can have so many different meanings and associations - I love Lee Radziwell and her dry humour, I think the American writer Joan Didion has a style about her. I love Sophia Loren, Francoise Hardy and I think my grandmother looks incredible too. 

CLAIRE: What is the first thing you notice on a woman?

DAVINA: Her face - I am fascinated by contours and expressions and what I can learn about a person through them (even on first meeting). 

CLAIRE: The best words of advice you have ever heard (in life)?

DAVINA: How can I possibly narrow it down to one thing?! I actually wouldn't say I am someone who has been given a huge amount of advice in life. The best learning comes from experience, always be open to people and possibilities and trust your instincts. Ultimately we are forever learning.

CLAIRE: You look great in our signature silk pjs - thank you so much for raving about them on your media sites!

DAVINA: I love the vintage style PJ’s – in the day I can play around wearing the top with jeans or the full set with trainers for a louche, casual cool vibe. Whilst at night in bed, they make me feel like Bette Davis from that standout bedroom scene in the classic film, All About Eve. And every time I put them on, I still get a sense of joy from the softy softy feel of the silk – knowing they will be part of my favourite wardrobe things for a very long time!



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